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Fun Songs for Learning English

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Fun Songs for Learning English

Fun Songs for Learning English is a compilation of 14 original and traditional songs chosen by English language teachers.  The songs are fun, moderately paced, and perfect for adding gestures and movements to help in the teaching process.  Song lyrics are upbeat and clearly pronounced and contain repetitive phrases. Lively children’s voices and varied instrumentation gives each song its own unique flavor. Lessons can be built around the vocabulary in each song.  This is a great supplemental tool for ESL (English as a Second Language), ELL (English Language Learning), ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and EAL (English as Another Language).

In a study involving 160 low-income kindergarten students enrolled in a bilingual program it was found that “students in the classrooms that used music to assist in teaching English scored significantly higher on standardized tests of oral language, decoding of written material, and reading comprehension than those whose classrooms did not use music.” Fisher (2001)

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5 out of 5 stars

As an English teacher in a Dutch elementary school for students 4 to 12 years old and an American mother of two living abroad I feel so fortunate to have found Cathy Bollinger's music. Most of the children's music that I have come across, both professionally and personally, consists of the same 5 children singing every song to the same guitar and drum set. I have noticed that children quickly lose interest in these CDs which are also a bit mind-numbing for adults. Thankfully Cathy Bollinger's CDs are nothing like that. Every song has its own rhythm, melody, instrumental group and varied singers. "Toddlin' Tunes" takes old classics and makes them new and playful while her other CDs take important concepts for verbal and social skills and makes them fun and exciting for the kids. At school I found it easy to make flashcards and dances to accompany her "Fun Songs for Learning English." My students really enjoy the up-beat rhythms, as well as the incorporated humor through the lyrics and voices. I have used "Alphabet Jam" to teach all of the American English letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make through light-hearted and intelligent songs. You know that the songs are more than English learning tools when the Dutch teachers have asked to borrow Cathy Bollinger's CDs because the children were requesting the songs during their free-time. As a parent, I can testify that Cathy Bollinger's music is a favorite in our household as it all is fun to dance to, the lyrics are easy to follow and it makes my children excited about singing and learning new English words. Due to all of the success that I have seen at home and at school, I have purchased all of her CDs as each one has different songs, themes and melodies but with the same high energy and quality. I highly recommend all of Cathy Bollinger's CDs to parents and teacher's alike.
Christine Sudzina Schut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

5 out of 5 stars

It was a pleasure seeing the smiles on the children's faces as they listened to your CD for English Language Learners. It is a wonderful tool that engages young children while they have fun learning the English language. I look forward to sharing it with others.
L. Utz, ESL Teacher