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Early Child/Preschool/Headstart/Title I

Music is a fun interactive approach to teach preschool and early elementary children phonemic awareness, phonics, opposites, days of the week, social skills and lots more!

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How to Use Music in Your Classroom:

  • Library/reading/listening areas
  • Literacy Workstations
  • Circle Time
  • Transitions between activities
  • With accompanying suggested activities and visuals
  • Correspondence with many State Standards of Learning
  • Proven especially helpful with special education students

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How Cathy Bollinger/Rivanna Music CDs Help Teach Your Students Important Reading and Social Skills

  • Vocals are clear and easy to understand, fun and upbeat.
  • Kids, parents and teachers want to listen to them over and over again
  • A variety of instruments and musical styles are used to introduce kids to new musical experiences.
  • Songs are developed with a team of teachers to support current education guidelines. i.e. letter sounds
  • Lyrics come with all CD’s and visual aids are available.

“In our second grade class, we have adopted Ready to Learn as our morning music.The children love so many of the songs, but always ask for Wiggle and Freeze. The teachers love Get Ready and Follow Directions, Two Words Please and The Transition Song (It’s Time to Do Something New). Line Up is another favorite of everyone! “
—Elizabeth T., Huntsville, AL

“Cathy Bollinger brings great teacher aids to the classroom. Her songs and activities are easily adapted to fit different classroom and student needs.”
—Lynne K., Portsmouth, NH

“You are a celebrity with so many of my students. They love your songs, which are the favorites of so many children. You have successfully turned difficult social learning concepts into fun and engaging songs. My students love them and don’t realize how much they are learning by having fun!”
—Amy D., MS, LCAT, MT-BC, Rochester, NY

“I was so excited to find your web page and CD’s when I was ‘teacher surfing’ the other day.  I have been looking for songs to use with a couple of my students and stumbled upon your page when I googled My Turn Your Turn: Songs for Teaching Social Skills.  I teach Preschool-3rd Grade Special Education in a rural town in Nebraska.  I am so excited to get the CD’s and teach the songs to my kids. 
—Wendy V, Humboldt, NE
PS- The selling point was seeing the lyrics with the Boardmaker© pictures!  Love that!!!!