Singing Words
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Singing Words

Singing Words, the incredibly rich sequel to Singing Sounds, turns the important and complicated task of learning to talk into something as sweet as a song.

In all her inventive lyrics, Bollinger makes ample use of the common, everyday words-zoo, beach, car, store, sky, grass, pizza, blue, green, ice cream-children learn first. Then she miraculously splices in a good bit of reasoning so each song meets and stretches children at a variety of developmental stages. And that means everyone sings this great children’s music!

Well aware of what children learn when, and how, Bollinger sneaks little lessons into a melodic and instrumentally diverse framework. In Singing Words, she introduces children to pronouns (“Where could my little bear be? Where is she?”), question words (“Who delivers the mail? The faithful mailman.” “What color is the sky? Blue!” “When do you put on your coat? When i’ts time to go outside.”), prepositions (“First I put my toe in; Then I push my heel down.”) and helps them practice sequencing (“How do you get in bed? First I pull the covers down; Then I tuck my toe in.”). She also emphasizes difficult sounds and uses a call-answer approach that keeps everyone listening and singing back with accomplished answers. In her unique, hallmark style, Bollinger has created music as complex as the magic. She uses African log drums, kazoos, a muted trumpet, a piano and the Hullabahoos—the men’s acappella group from the University of Virginia. Singing Words not only gets everyone singing and having fun, it sharpens minds. Lyrics included.

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Reviews for Singing Words

5 out of 5 stars

I was looking for some fun and educational songs that we could both enjoy. I purchased "Toddlin Tunes", "Alphabet Jam", Singing Words and Singing Sounds. I must tell you I have never found such wonderfully constructed children's music anywhere else. Not only are the songs enjoyable, they are educational in a way that I have never seen before with other children's music. I honestly have never seen such a perfect combination of vocal and instrumental excellence, educational and fun lyrics and such a wonderful variety in the sound of each song... Today we were listening to [one of the songs] when I stopped the car at the grocery store (in mid-song), my son began to cry "mo mo" and made the sign for more. My son hates the car seat and usually squeals with delight at the idea of getting out of the car. He liked the song so much, he didn't want it to stop, even if that meant staying in his car seat. He has also been singing/humming the ABC song at random times throughout the day. I know the CD's have helped him learn more of his alphabet. Not only are they helpful for the kids, but I have found myself in tears on more than one occasion just listening to the tender and sweet lyrics of these wonderful songs... Please keep me updated (if possible) on any new albums or any events (in the Dallas,Texas area) if you are ever down this way. We wouldn't want to miss out. Thank you for sharing your talents with our kids.
Jenny and Charlie B., Dallas TX