Toddlin’ Tunes
Sing-Along With Cathy Bollinger

Toddlin’ Tunes

A Parents Choice Silver Award Winner!

With her crystal clear voice that sounds like a bird in flight, Bollinger gives us old favorites straight-up the way we expect them, then dishes up unique arrangements and melodic, memorable originals that expose children to new words, sounds, instruments and musical styles, through wonderful children’s music. There’s a saucy rendition of “Patty Cake,” with a sassy, jazzy swing. African log drums thunder through “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” The men’s acappella group, Hullabahoos from the University of Virginia accompany Bollinger on “The Muffin man.” An Irish fiddle lilts through the original “Uh Oh,” and a dreamy calypso rhythm makes singing, “Please and Thank You,” anything but ordinary.

Cathy Bollinger is no run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter. She’s a trained music therapist and developed Toddlin’ Tunes so children would have some fun, engaging songs to sing as they grow from infants listening to lullabies into toddlers getting active and singing along. Thanks to Bollinger’s special magic, the music and songs on Toddlin’ Tunes intentionally repeat to develop a toddler’s linguistic skills and reinforce appropriate developmental steps and concepts. She skillfully uses the classics to count to ten, do some ABCs, learn a little French and Spanish, scout around for specific colors, imitate animals, clap hands and practice taking turns politely. Although Toddlin’ Tunes is designed for toddlers, Bollinger has gently woven in plenty of first words and simple sounds so even the littlest singer isn’t left behind. And because children love children, their voices shine through on Bollinger’s sixth CD.

Toddlin’ Tunes will turn any dreary car ride into a rolling sing-along filled with ABCs, simple sounds, numbers, letters, colors, animals and downright great music. Bollinger also introduces a unforgettable new anthem,“On the Day You Were Born,” that will make each child feel special and each mother remember. Before you know it, you’ll be giggling and dancing and singing along-and so will your child. Cha-cha-cha!

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Reviews for Toddlin Tunes

5 out of 5 stars

I was looking for some fun and educational songs that we could both enjoy. I purchased "Toddlin Tunes", "Alphabet Jam", Singing Words and Singing Sounds. I must tell you I have never found such wonderfully constructed children's music anywhere else. Not only are the songs enjoyable, they are educational in a way that I have never seen before with other children's music. I honestly have never seen such a perfect combination of vocal and instrumental excellence, educational and fun lyrics and such a wonderful variety in the sound of each song... Today we were listening to [one of the songs] when I stopped the car at the grocery store (in mid-song), my son began to cry "mo mo" and made the sign for more. My son hates the car seat and usually squeals with delight at the idea of getting out of the car. He liked the song so much, he didn't want it to stop, even if that meant staying in his car seat. He has also been singing/humming the ABC song at random times throughout the day. I know the CD's have helped him learn more of his alphabet. Not only are they helpful for the kids, but I have found myself in tears on more than one occasion just listening to the tender and sweet lyrics of these wonderful songs... Please keep me updated (if possible) on any new albums or any events (in the Dallas,Texas area) if you are ever down this way. We wouldn't want to miss out. Thank you for sharing your talents with our kids.
Jenny and Charlie B., Dallas TX

5 out of 5 stars

Toddlin' Tunes..."Tried-and-true children's songs may seem somewhat out of fashion these days, with the growth of dynamic new material from many outstanding children's artists in recent years. Singer-songwriter Cathy Bollinger, however, knows the value of "tried-and-true" delivered professionally and sweetened with uncloying mom-coziness. "image Without rendering preschool favorites unfamiliar to little ears, and accompanied by the voices of children, Bollinger deftly gives them her own creative spin, adding new lyrics and musical surprises to "Patty Cake," "The Muffin Man," "The Wheels on the Bus" and other classics. Her own gentle songs, crafted with the same warmth and lilt, are just as accessible-and as easy on adult ears.
Lynne Heffley, Parent's Choice